Over 75 years of Dedication to Excellence in Pharmacy Education

Dean: Dr. David Ralph
Associate Dean: Dr. Les Ramos
Associate Dean for Clinical: Dr. Nancy Williams

The College of Pharmacy at SWOSU was established in 1939 and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Southwestern is one of the best economic values among colleges of pharmacy across the nation. We pride ourselves on providing pharmacy students the knowledge and skills they’ll need for a successful career in pharmacy.

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SWOSU College of Pharmacy PharmD Program

At SWOSU, we educate and graduate highly competent practitioners of pharmaceutical care. In today’s climate of technological advancement in the healthcare field, earning your PharmD from Southwestern will make you a valuable candidate for employment. In fact SWOSU College of Pharmacy (COP) graduates continue to perform above the national average on the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX), the national licensing examination for pharmacy.

Degree Specialization

SWOSU College of Pharmacy Center of Excellence is excited to announce the Sims’ Leadership Development Program. This Program is designed as a degree specialization for an exclusive group of College of Pharmacy students. This degree specialization provides a unique opportunity for students to differentiate themselves from their peers in the job marketplace. Graduates of this program will join an exclusive group of Sims’ Leadership Scholar Practitioners. The Sims’ Scholars are pharmacy scholar practitioners uniquely qualified to rise to the challenges created by the quality-gap in today’s health care environment. These scholar practitioners will be innovative thought leaders trained to proactively address the challenges faced in our health-care system.

PharmD/MBA Dual Degree

As part of ensuring our graduates’ success, SWOSU has created a dual degree program. Having a skill set including both expert pharmaceutical knowledge and a thorough understanding of business will give graduates of this program an edge over their competitors in the workforce.

PharmD College Preparation

In order to become part of our Doctor of Pharmacy program, students must complete two years of pre-professional study, including general education courses, as well as specific courses in biology, chemistry, physics and math.

This study will be followed by four years in the COP gaining knowledge about pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.  This will also include a year of gaining hands on experience and training in the pharmacy field.

This is a competitive degree program and will require intensive study, but after graduating from this pharmacy school you will be destined for success. Contact our pharmacy department for more information on how the PharmD program can offer you a profitable career.

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