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Mission, Goals and Objectives

The mission of the SWOSU College of Pharmacy is to educate and graduate highly competent practitioners of pharmaceutical care.  The College of Pharmacy achieves its mission through excellence in teaching, research/scholarly activity, and service to the university, state, profession, and society.  The College of Pharmacy fulfills its mission by providing an education, which instills in students the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed to practice pharmaceutical care. 

  • The goals of these educational experiences are to provide a basic foundation of information and professional skills, an appreciation for the continuous refinement of pharmaceutical knowledge, professionalism, and a commitment to life-long scholarship.
  • The goal of research/scholarly activity is to enhance knowledge with an emphasis on the scholarship of teaching, pharmaceutical care and pharmaceutical sciences. 
  • The goal of service is to provide resources, as needed, to assist the stakeholders of the College of Pharmacy.

The objective of the College of Pharmacy is to admit, educate, and train students who have the desirable personal and intellectual qualities that predict a successful career in pharmacy, recognizing the importance of social and cultural diversity.  Considering the demands and expectations of pharmacists by society, the college strives to select students having high intellectual ability and dedication of purpose, who can serve as change agents, and the capacity to withstand the rigors of education and practice.

The education and training of the students will ensure the graduates have:

  • Acquired knowledge of the basic and clinical sciences necessary for the success in the practice of pharmacy and advanced training.
  • Developed skills that foster effective communication among pharmacists, patients, and other health care providers.
  • Acquired the skills necessary to elicit relevant clinical information, including history taking and objective assessment.
  • Performed basic skills necessary for the practice of pharmaceutical care.
  • Performed critical analysis of professional literature, using information retrieval resources.
  • Provided pharmaceutical care by medication therapy management utilizing evidence-based pharmacotherapy to ensure positive outcomes to improve the patient’s quality of life.
  • Developed professional and ethical values, including integrity, compassion, responsibility, and commitment to community health and wellness.
  • Developed the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, and independent learning. 
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