Computer Science

General Information

The mission of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems is to provide educational opportunity to students desiring professional careers in Information Technology or further study in the field of Computer Science. The department strives to create an environment for preparing individuals for a lifetime of learning and growth by producing graduates who understand concepts and uses of information technology.

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems is located in a building with networked teaching computer labs and a general lab for all students. These labs are equipped with IBM-compatible computers providing access to the latest in software systems. The Department maintains a Networking and Research Laboratory with computers available for advanced students' experimentation and research. Numerous programming languages and database systems are available. SWOSU is an Internet "hub" for western Oklahoma, and every student has an Internet account.

The curriculum is based on the recommendations of the Association of Computing Machinery and the Association of Information Technology Professionals. The courses are therefore recognized and accepted throughout the United States. The set of required courses includes a variety of object-oriented programming languages and operating systems.  The curriculum stresses concepts in information security, web page development and web-based applications, database design, data communications and networking, software engineering and multimedia systems.

Computer Science

Career Opportunities

A degree in Computer Science or Information Systems can lead to many different careers.  It is an exciting, ever-changing field as new applications, programming languages, and computer systems are designed and built.  Southwestern graduates have been successful at various employers in Oklahoma and surrounding states. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data for 2005 shown below lists the twenty-fifth percentile wage, a good indicator for starting salaries, in various career fields in Oklahoma.

Computer Programmers $38,870
Computer Support Specialists $22,080
Computer Systems Analysis $49,780
Data Communication Analysis $37,280
Database Designers and Administrators $37,280
Network System Administrators $33,580.
Research Scientist in Computer and Information Sciences $60,450
Application Software Engineers $41,760
System Software Engineers $48,710