Volume 1, Issue 1

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Tami Moser
The District-Wide Sustainability of a Professional Learning Community During Leadership Changes at the Superintendency Level
Chuey Abrego and Anita Pankake
The Interim Superintendent: A Case Study
Gary Bigham and Susan J. Nix
Pedagogical Design for a Cross-Functional Course in the Accelerated MBA Program
Bhanu Balasubramnian, Tanja Steigner, and Kevin R. Coulson
Mentoring Postsecondary Tenure-Track Faculty: A Theory-Building Case Study and Implications for Institutional Policy
Dannielle Joy Davis, Patricia Boyer, and Isela Russell
Innovation in Competency-Based Program Development: Leveraging the Advisory Board Faculty Alliance
Esmeralda de los Santos, Daniel G. Dominguez, and Kevin LaFrance
Radical Change in Faculty and Student Evaluation: A Justifiable Heresy?
Jeffery Gentry
University in Transition: Faculty Sense-Making and Responses
Leslie D. Gonzales and Rodolfo Rincones 
University Technology Transfer Factors as Predictors of Entrepreneurial Orientation
Dorothy M. Kirkman
A Connection between Moral Imperative and Women’s Leadership?
W. Nelson, Patricia L. Guerra, and B. Genise Henry
Administrative Strategies for Preparing Teaching Candidates to be Building-Level Technology Change Agents
Richard Rose  
University Reading: How Do We Turn It On?
John-Nathan Trice and Barbara Johnson Wilmes
Sticker Shock: Management Professors’ Perspectives on the Rising Costs of College Textbooks
Stan Williamson, Robert E. Stevens, Lawrence S. Silver, and Kenneth E. Clow

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