Volume 1, Issue 2

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Patsy Parker
A Comparison of Urban, Suburban, and Rural Principal Leadership Skills by Campus Student
Achievement Level

Susan Erwin, Pam Winn, and John Erwin
Assessment Training in Principal Preparation Programs
Bettye Grigsby and Winona Vesey
Childhood Loss and AD/HD: Program Implications for Education Administrators
Helen Wilson Harris and Marlene Zipperlen
Superintendent Length of Tenure and Student Achievement
Scott Myers
Helping Teachers be Successful: Lessons for Administrators
Steven W. Neill, Paul Bland, Edwin Church, Climetine Clayburn, and W. Michael Shimeall
Enacting Social Justice: Perceptions of Educational Leaders
Linda Vogel
Navigating the Challenges of Helping Teachers Use Data to Inform Educational Decisions
Kelli Thomas and Douglas Huffman
Breaking Bad News in Healthcare Organizations: Application of the SPIKES Protocol
C.W. VonBergen, Robert E. Stevens, and David Loudon
Federal Accommodation Policy in Practice: Implications for a Substantive Process
Lynn Hemmer and Candace Baker
Distance and Face-to-Face Learning Culture and Values: A Conceptual Analysis
Carmen Tejeda-Delgado, Brett J. Millan, and John R. Slate
Nursing Workload and the Changing Health Care Environment: A Review of the Literature
Denise Neill
To the Point: How Management Faculty Use Powerpoint Slides and Quizzes
Stan Williamson, Kenneth E. Clow, and Robert E. Stevens
Lester, B., M., & Sparrow, J. D. (Eds.) Nurturing Children and Families: Building on the Legacy of T. Berry

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