Volume 2, Issue 1

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Kelly S. Moor
Factors Contributing to Successful Transitions into the Role of a New Superintendency in Texas:
A Mixed-Methods Triangulation Convergence Inquiry

Nancy B. Jones
Business Education and Gender Bias at the ‘C Level’
Gina L. Miller & Faye A. Sisk
Combating Hegemonic Discourse in an Online Multicultural Leadership Course: A Narrative
Study of an Instructor and Student Working in Tandem for Social Justice

Azadeh F. Osanloo & Tim W. Hand
When Government is No Longer Employer of Choice: What May the Sector Perceptions of
Public Managers Be Like after the Economy Recovers?

Craig Boardman & Branco Ponomariov
Effects of Presence, Copresence, and Flow on Learning Outcomes in 3D Learning Spaces
Martin D. Hassell, Sandeep Goyal, Moez Limayem, & Imed Boughzala
Teacher Preferences for Alternative School Site Administrative Models
Paul M. Hewitt, George S. Denny, & John C. Pijanowski
Reviewing the Roots of Response to Intervention: Is there Enough Research to Support the

Tammi R. Ridgeway, Debra P. Price, Cynthia G. Simpson, & Chad A. Rose
Socialization Processes of Engineering Students: Differences in the Experiences of Females
and Males

Mark R. Riney & Janet Froeschle
Selecting a Business Major within the College of Business
David W. Roach, Ronald E. McGaughey, & James P. Downey
The Promises and Realities of Evidence-Based Practices: Perceptions from Assessment Personnel
Jessica A. Rueter & Cynthia G. Simpson
Major Difference: An Examination of Student Writing Performance by Major and Its Implications
for Business Communication

Lucia S. Sigmar & Geraldine E. Hynes
Factor Analysis of Intern Effectiveness
Sid T. Womack, Shellie Louise Hannah, & Columbus David Bell

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