Volume 2, Issue 2

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Lisa Appeddu
Seizing Opportunity
Michael Williams
Courage as Catalyst
Michael Williams & Esther Muller
Opportunity as Transformation 9
Michael Williams & Esther Muller
Succeeding to Fail: A Path to Transformation
Michael Williams & Esther Muller
Enhancement of Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Case Focusing on a Model of Successful Conflict Management Skills
Anita Leffel, Cory Hallam, & John Darling
Symbolic Interactionism and Moral Hazards in Higher Education
Louella Moore
Exploring the Effects of Managerial Ownership on the Decision to Go Private: A Behavioral Agency Model Approach
Alix Valenti & Marguerite Schneider
Elementary Principals’ Role in Science Instruction
Patricia Casey, Karen Dunlap, & Kristen Brown
Implications of Out-of-Class Engagement: Exploring the Experience of OBU Students
Neal Ellis
Quantifying Online Learning Contact Hours
Karan Powell, Jennifer Stephens Helm, Melissa Layne, & Phil Ice
Teacher Professionalism and Team Performance Pay: A Mixed Methods Study
Pamela Wells, Julie P. Combs, Rebecca M. Bustamante
Homeless High School Students in America: Who Counts?
John M. Cumming & Gene W. Gloeckner
Job Satisfaction of Certified Nurse Midwives: An Examination
Gerald Hampton & Robin T. Peterson
A Longitudinal Examination of the Relationship of Selected Institutional Variables to Community College Foundation Revenue
Van Patterson, Madeline Justice, & Joyce Scott
Book Review: Global Sustainability and the Responsibilities of Universities
Frederic Murray & Kelly S. Moor

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