Volume 4, Issue 1

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Administrative Issues Journal- Volume 4, Issue 1


Patsy Parker
The Targeted Open Online Course (TOOC) Model
Credence Baker & James Gentry
Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Teachers
Paul Bland, Edwin Church, & Mingchu Luo
Perceptions of Preceptors and Students on the Importance of Writing
Tina T. Fields, Jeff J. Hatala, & Richard F. Nauert
Learning from the Past: Dual Credit
Nicole Mansell & Madeline C. Justice
Maintaining the Boundaries: Teacher Preparation Program Admission Criteria for Screening Quality Candidates
Rebekah Miller-Levy, Diane Taylor, & Laurie Hawke
Issue 1 of Volume 4 does not contain a practice-oriented article. Are you working on a manuscript that would fit this category? Consider submitting a manuscript for review.
Organizational Training and Relationship Building for Increasing Public Participation in a Public School District
John Poynton, Carole Makela, & Don Haddad
Principals' Perceived Supervisory Behaviors Regarding Marginal Teachers in Two States
Bret Range, Paul Hewitt, & Suzie Young
Factors that Influence Student Selection of Educational Leadership Master's Programs at Regional Universities
Pam Winn, Lesley F. Leach, Susan Erwin, & Liza Benedict

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