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Call for Papers

Administrative Issues Journal - Volume 7, Issue 1

June 2017 Publication

Papers will be accepted no later than January 15th, 2017

*$75 Submission Fee Required

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Special Topic Section

  • Included in Volume 7, Issue 1 due for publication in June 2017 
  • Manuscripts submissions will be accepted starting September 2016.
  • Special Section on Privilege, Systemic Racism, and Micro-Aggression:
    • The Administrative Issues Journal invites submissions for a special section in our upcoming issue. Specifically, we are interested in manuscripts addressing the topics of White privilege, systemic racism, and/or micro-aggression in organizational, industrial, governmental, and educational administration. This section is being made due to both the long term significance and the timely focus on these issues. 
    • Possible topics include, but are not limited to, impacts of experiences with White privilege, systemic racism, and/or micro-aggression; addressing instances of White privilege, systemic racism, and/or micro-aggression; training related to White privilege, systemic racism, and/or micro-aggression; and policy concerning White privilege, systemic racism, and/or micro-aggression. As a multidisciplinary journal, AIJ welcomes submissions from all disciplines and perspectives.
  • All other submission guidelines apply.
  • Paper Submission Guidelines

Literature Reviews

  • We are notably accepting literature reviews of resources/research of people dealing with systemic racism and diversity to tie in with the special topic section. 
    • Included in Volume 7 Issue 1 due for publication in June 2017
    • Submissions will be accepted starting September 2016

Reviewing Process

Each paper submitted to the Administrative Issues Journal is subject to the following review procedures:

  1. It is reviewed by the Editor for general suitability for this publication.
  2. If it is judged suitable the paper is then subject to a double blind review process. At least two reviewers are matched to the paper based on expertise or interest in the subject and provide feedback and recommendations for publishing.
  3. Expertise in methodology will also be used as a matching method. For instance, the goal will be to have reviewers with expertise in qualitative methods review qualitative research. Expertise is defined by: subject, category, and methodology.
  4. If your paper has already been through the AIJ review process and was given a revise and resubmit, the new submission will  go through the entire review process as a new manuscript.

Once papers have gone through the peer review process, those receiving publish recommendations are submitted to a review from the full Editorial Board. The board reviews the papers for sound methodology and structure. Final recommendations will be then be determined based on the peer review and the Editorial Board review.

Estimated Acceptance Rate: 19%

Time for decision on submitted manuscript: Up to 4 months after submission deadline

If Accepted for the Conference Proceedings Each Participant/Co-Author agrees to:

  1. Pay the AIJ conference registration fee per author/co-author on or before the conference date.
  2. Present the paper at the conference. If a presenter has a reason for not attending and presenting the paper at the scheduled time, the scheduled presenter MUST notify the Program Chair IN ADVANCE of the scheduled time for the presentation.


Articles submitted to the journal should be original contributions and should not have been published elsewhere. Manuscripts may be submitted simultaneously to other journals provided that the AIJ is so advised, and that the author(s) inform the Editor in Chief immediately if the work is published or accepted for publication elsewhere. Always attribute clearly using either indented text or quote marks as well as making use of the preferred APA style of formatting. Authors submitting articles for publication warrant that the work is not an infringement of any existing copyright and will indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty. For ease of dissemination and to ensure proper policing of use, papers and contributions become the legal copyright of the publisher unless otherwise agreed.

*The editor may make use of authentication software for checking the originality of submissions received. 

For more information on manuscript requirements please see the Paper Submission Guidelines link.