Radiologic Technologic Program at SWOSU Sayre

The Profession

Radiologic Technologists (Radiographers) use imaging equipment to provide patient services as prescribed by physicians. Radiographers use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to perform medical imaging procedures by adapting variable technical parameters of the procedure to the condition of the patient and by initiating life support procedures as necessary during medical emergencies.


Radiographers are employed in health care facilities, specialized imaging centers, urgent care clinics, physicians offices and as educators or imaging department administrators. Salaries and benefits are generally competitive with other health professions and vary according to experience and employment location.


The Associate in Applied Science degree for the Radiologic Technologist is offered through the SWOSU Sayre Campus. Following completion of the two year Associate Degree, the student is eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologist Technologist (ARRT) examination which qualifies the graduates as registered Radiologic Technologists in Medical Radiography.


Information on application requirements and a downloadable application form can be obtained by clicking here.

SWOSU Sayre Radiologic Technologic Program

General Education - 18 hours

(May be completed at SWOSU at Weatherford or Sayre)

1113 English Composition I
1213 English Composition II
1143 Math Concepts
1613 College Algebra
1063 U.S. History
1103 American Government and Politics

Support Courses - 7-8 hours

2205 Human Anatomy and Physiology
2442 or 2443 Medical Terminology

Program Specialty Courses - 58 hours

( Must be completed at SWOSU Sayre)

1021 Radiation Safety and Protection
1053 Radiographic Positioning I
1062 Introduction to Radiologic Technology
1071 Patient Care
1082 Exposure I
1116 Clinical Practice I
1126 Clinical Practice II
1131 Exposure II
1142 Imaging and Processing
1151 Radiographic Positioning II
1162 Radiologic Pathology
2116 Clinical Practice III
2113 Introduction to Radiologic Physics
2223 Radiation Biology
2132 Special Procedures and Modalities
2142 Film Recognition
2216 Clinical Practice IV
2231 Quality Assurance and Control
2242 Registry Preparation
2315 Clinical Practice V
2521 Computer Literacy in Radiology


Chris Stufflebean
Director, Radiologic Technology Program
SWOSU at Sayre
400 East Mississippi
Sayre, OK 73662
580.928.5533 x155

Jess Parker
Clinical Coordinator, Radiologic Technology Program
SWOSU at Sayre
400 East Mississippi
Sayre, OK 73662
580.928.5531 x158