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Admissions Requirements

Students interested in Athletic Training as a career should seek advisement from AT Program faculty.  The Athletic Training pre-professional curriculum is open to any high school graduate or transfer student who obtains formal university admission. The pre-professional curriculum consists of a minimum of 26 hours.  This also includes courses that meet general education requirements of SWOSU. Students may make application with the program director for formal program admittance prior to Nov. 1stAdmission to SWOSU and meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the professional phase of the Athletic Training Program. To be considered for professional program admittance, the applicant must:

  1. Maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.5
  2. Have completed (or in progress) with a C or better in the following courses (All courses must be completed by the start of the spring semester following application.)
  • ATEP  1922 Introduction to Athletic Training
  • ATEP  2433 Athletic Training Care and Prevention/Lab
  • ATEP  2531 Directed Observation in AT
  • ATEP  2633 Cardiac and Emergency Care
  • PSYCH 1003 General Psychology
  • ALHLT 1401 Allied Health Careers
  • ALHLT 2453 Medical Terminology
  • KINES         1133    Wellness Concepts/Lab
  • KINES         3443    Kinesiology and Anatomy
  • BIOL  1004 Biological Concepts/Lab
  • or BIOL 1054 Principles of Biology
  1. Arrange and complete 50 observation hours of SWOSU Clinical Instructors in conjunction with ATEP 2531 Directed Observation in the semester prior to application (35 hours must be completed by Nov. 1st) and 2 Evaluations submitted.
  2. Purchase SWOSU Student Liability Insurance & be current in Professional Rescuer &AED Certification
  3. Submit to Student Health Center: medicalhistory, MMR vaccination records, TB testing records (within previous year), HBV vaccination records (or declination statement) and completion of physical exam.
  4. Obtain personal criminal history information from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (fee required).  Information and form can be found at http://www.ok.gov/osbi/Criminal_History/.  Consistent with clinical affiliation agreements, any person who has been convicted of a felony is not eligible for admission to the AT Program.
  5. Submit to AT Program Director: All application materials, including technical standards signed by applicant and physician, criminal history record information, proof of current Professional Rescuer and AED Certification (or equivalent), and current official transcripts. Set up formal interview with AT Program director and faculty.

All application materials, including the technical standards for admission, are published on the AT Program Web site, http://www.swosu.edu/athletic-training/, and are available from AT Program Director.

An AT Program admissions committee, consisting of the AT Program director, clinical education coordinator, preceptors, and Nursing/Allied Health Sciences faculty, review all submitted materials.  This information, in conjunction with clinical observation evaluations and faculty recommendations, provides the objective information necessary to identify qualified applicants. Qualified applicants are subject to interview by committee. Selection criteria are as follows:

Submission of all required documentation
Overall GPA 15 points
Pre-requisite GPA 25 points
Observation Evaluations 35 points
Faculty Recommendations/Interview 25 points

The number of applicants accepted will reflect an appropriate student-faculty ratio and the availability of appropriate clinical resources. The mandatory field/clinical experience and practical application of skills begins following formal program admittance.

Students transferring from another institution are required to meet the university’s standards for admission and meet all of the AT Program, admission standards.  Transfer students must have their transcript evaluated by the Registrar and AT Program Director.  Acceptance of pre-requisite coursework is subject to the approval of the AT Program Director pending review of content (appropriate syllabus, proficiencies, etc.)

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