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General Information

Curricular Philosophy

As indicated in the AT program mission statement, the curricular philosophy is to encourage intellectual congruity with physical skill development. The practical application of gained knowledge on a daily basis reinforces athletic training competency and proficiency development and integration. This approach spreads academic responsibility between the student, the instructor, and the preceptor while incorporating analytical and inquiry skills.


The athletic training program at SWOSU has voluntarily withdrawn their accreditation and is no longer admitting students. The date of voluntary withdrawal of accreditation coincides with the graduation of the last cohort in May 2018.

Students already accepted into the professional phase of the SWOSU program will be allowed to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training and seek certification, but must finish athletic training courses in spring 2018. These students have been assigned a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor assists the student in developing, following, and updating, as necessary, the individual curriculum plan for each student. The student, however, has final responsibility for adherence to curriculum requirements.

For new students, SWOSU will continue to offer many degree tracks that will fulfill their pre-professional training, such as Allied Health Sciences, Exercise Science, and Emergency Medical Services. Faculty advisors will help plan an appropriate course of study to prepare SWOSU students for graduate school. See Shirley Venable in Science 206 or email: shirley.venable@swosu.edu  or call: 580.774.3049 for more information

Graduation and BOC Pass Rate Data

2014 - 2015 2015 - 2016 2016 - 2017 3-year aggregate
Number of students graduating from program. 15 12 6 33
Number of students graduating from program who took examination. 11 9 4 24
Number of students who passed the examination on the first attempt. 8 5 2 15
Percentage of students who passed the examination on the first attempt. 73% 56% 50% 62%
Number of students who passed the examination regardless of the number of attempts. 11 6 3 20
Percentage of students who passed the examination regardless of the number of attempts. 100% 67% 75% 83%
     In non-compliance with CAATE standard 11

Careers in Athletic Training

Athletic training is practiced by athletic trainers, health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities. Athletic Trainers (ATs) are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians. The services provided by ATs comprise prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

Careers in Athletic Training cover a variety of settings including: colleges and universities, hospitals and clinicals, occupational health, military, performing arts, physician extender, professional sports, public safety and secondary schools.

SWOSU’s AT Program graduation rate is 100 percent with high job placement rate and successful graduate school acceptance into programs within the field of sports medicine.

SWOSU AT Program Employment Data

2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015
Number of students graduating from AT program. 6 (100%) 6 (100%) 5 (100%) 11 (100%) 14 (100%)
Overall percentage of students who obtained some type of employment in the AT field in Oklahoma. 83% 67% 40% 64% 50%
Overall percentage of students who are either working in the AT field or continuing their education in sports medicine. 100% 100% 80% 64% 71%

Fees and Charges

Student costs include university tuition and university fees as identified in the current Undergraduate Catalog or on the SWOSU website: http://www.swosu.edu/resources/tuition.aspx

  In addition to these costs, course/lab fees, and room and board, the following costs may be incurred by students pursuing athletic training.

  • Expenses incurred during clinical education courses (travel, housing, food, etc.) Depending on the location and type of clinical assignment (approximately $100)
  • Expenses of obtaining necessary Health and Immunization requirements ($0-75)
  • Expense for Criminal History Information processing (currently $15)
  • Annual expense for uniform (approximately $100)
  • Dues for Student athletic training organization $10 annually (strongly recommended)
  • Dues for professional membership (NATA, OATA - $80) (strongly recommended)

Student Payment or Withdrawal/Refund of Tuition & Fees

Financial Information

Financial aid for college opportunities are designed to supplement yours or your family’s contribution to the cost of education. While financial aid can’t totally replace family contributions, SWOSU is dedicated to creating a financial aid package that will meet your needs.

Here are some of the financial aid options available to prospective students:

  • Stafford Student Loans
  • Tuition Aid Grants
  • Federal Work Study


Students will be given an allotted amount of money from the athletic department. That total amount will be divided equally among all students within the AT program each semester. Also, annually through Orthopedic Associates a $1,000 scholarship is available to all senior athletic training students. Candidates will be evaluated (by the athletic training program faculty and staff, and by the team Orthopedic Doctor) based on academic excellence and involvement in the athletic training profession.

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