How to Become a Camper?

Tech Trek strives to identify thirty outstanding girls across the state of Oklahoma who are interested in math and science. The following process will be used to help us find such young women who may not otherwise have this unique learning opportunity:

Tech Trek Campers Canoeing

  • Girls currently in the 7th grade are nominated by their Middle School Teachers - due 2/22/13 3/1/13
  • Girls then receive and fill out a camper application – due 3/8/13 3/29/13
  • Thirty campers are chosen and notified by 4/19/12
  • Girls send in $50 non-refundable reservation fee and camp forms – due 5/3/13
  • Girls have the most fantastic week ever – July 14-20, 2013

Thirty girls were selected from all over Oklahoma for the inaugural year of Tech Trek 2013.

Map of Tech Trek Participants

Inaugural class of 2013

Nomination criteria for Tech Trek attendees:

  • Excited by math and science disciplines with the potential to excel
  • Has a “B” average, but not necessarily straight “A”s
  • Has not had the opportunity for experiences like Tech Trek
  • Has high level of maturity when interacting with peers
  • Ability to adapt to new situations, shows interest in learning new things, especially in math or science
  • Follows directions carefully and shows patience and persistence in task completion
  • Works well in group situations, is willing to help all levels of students in the class
  • Cooperates with teachers, shows respect for other students and regularly participates in class discussions
  • Demonstrates responsibility, exhibits self-control and has no serious discipline issues
  • Willing to try a challenging task and good level of self-esteem
  • Makes positive choices for herself, in and out of class

Teacher nominations for 2013 Tech Trek are now closed. Please check back
in January 2014 for access to nominations for 2014 Tech Trek.

Tech Trek Camp