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Programs of Study

Program of Study, also known as Course of Study, is a prescribed combination of required courses, electives, and independent research. The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College will award degrees to students who successfully complete institutionally approved associate degree program plans and who maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Students who plan to transfer to a senior campus for a higher degree can expect to take between 60 and 64 hours of study in such courses leading to degrees in Tribal Administration, American Indian Studies, or General Studies.

Course Offerings

Course offering for CATC students include all the types of classes offered SWOSU students. Current offerings through CATC-SWOSU include traditional lecture, seminar and workshop format, independent study, guided reading, practicum, distance learning through inter-active video courses offered at various sites throughout Oklahoma and in Cheyenne and Arapaho territory, telecourses delivered in lecture format, and, in rare cases, on-site classes such as those   held in Elk City’s Adult Education Center. Courses can be offered for either credit or non-credit, depending upon requirements for certificate programs.

Tribal Administration

CATC is offering a new Associate of Science Degree in Tribal Administration, with the assistance and cooperation of SWOSU - Sayre. It also plans to develop certificate courses of study designed to enhance the skills and qualifications of those currently employed with tribal governments and other tribal related employers.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Currently, Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College (CATC) students can take any and all programs offered by SWOSU. One of the opportunities afforded CATC students is the option to enroll in SWOSU’s Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) program.  IS offers maximum flexibility for self-improvement and career enhancement as they pursue a baccalaureate degree. Students can design their own course of study, change their majors late in their academic career, return to SWOSU with new career insights, or attend the University on an irregular basis.

This program allows the student to be prepared and responsive to ever-changing and diverse career opportunities. Many employers seek graduates with interdisciplinary degrees, finding them well prepared, flexible, adaptive, and able to readily acquire more specialized skills in the workplace.

Students who choose this degree option can also earn a CATC associate’s degree at the same time without taking any additional courses, incurring any additional expenses, or spending any more time as they complete their IS bachelor’s degree program.  For more information, please see “Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Arts and Science” section in the SWOSU catalog ( and SWOSU-Sayre’s Associate Degree Program with emphasis on American Indian Studies (64 Hours) at (

Internship/On-the-Job Training

Future plans include offering on-the-job training for certain certificate and applied science degree programs.  Internships are also a future consideration as CATC develops more programs. In most internship programs, students earn college credits for time spent working; in some cases, compensation may be included for some training areas. Several tribal, federal, and state organizations advertise for student placements. In either case, students will be supervised by both the instructor and potential employer.

American Indian Studies

The American Indian Studies (AMIS) program, as currently offered by SWOSU, serves as the foundation from which CATC will continue to develop its academic offerings to meet the needs of the American Indian community. AMIS is designed to serve the needs of area tribes by providing all students with a realistic appreciation of American Indian culture, language, history, and values while increasing their understanding of the unique political status, rights and responsibilities of tribes.

Degrees and Certificates

Certificate programs will be designed to prepare and/or enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and leadership in a particular occupation or profession, such as Web design, information technology, accounting, or education. These courses are recognized by employers and human resources specialist as “hands-on” training that is invaluable in the workforce. Most programs are offered based on need or in response to new and emerging employment opportunities.

Many programs are offered in concentrated sessions so that training time is reduced allowing those who complete requirements to utilize their newly acquired skills sooner. Some certificate programs are designed to complement a bachelor’s degree, while others allow participants to enroll on a certificate or non-certificate basis.

American Indian Studies Minor

SWOSU’s American Indian Studies program, approved during the spring of 2005, is a minor  intended to serve American Indian tribes in western Oklahoma, other Oklahoma tribes,  and other students interested in American Indian life and culture. The program is designed for both tribal and non-tribal members, specifically those who plan to work in tribal government.

The 20-hour program includes courses in American Indian culture, language, literature, history, art, music, religion, and wellness concepts. It also contains courses on tribal economics and tribal government and sovereignty. Most of the courses are offered during evening hours and are made available to tribal sites and other distant sites via interactive video.

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