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Education Development Authority

Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College Board of Regents

  • Ms. Pauline Harjo, Chair
  • Mr. Frank Mosqueda, Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Lessley Price, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Mr. Glenn Meriwether, Member
  • Chief Harvey Pratt, Member
  • Dr. David Peakheart, Member
  • Ms. Billie Sutton, Member
  • Ms. Georgiann Welbourne, Member
  • Mr. Elvin Kenrick, Member
  • Dr. John Hays, Honorary Member
  • Dr. James South, Honorary Member

CATC Staff include:

  • Dr. Henrietta Mann - President
  • Mr. Alden Whiteman - Vice President for Development and Planning
  • Ms. Gail Wilcox - Administrative and Admissions Officer