B.S. Chemistry-Professional

(certified by the American Chemical Society)

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The Chemistry Program offers two degree plans, the BA and the BS. The latter degree has two options, BS and BS Professional. The BS Professional option is certified by the American Chemical Society and is designed for the chemistry student who intends to pursue an advanced degree or wants a competitive advantage in employment after graduation. ACS-certified degrees are recognized by industry and graduate schools as meeting the standards set forth by the ACS Committee on Professional Training.

Students in any of the three degree options may choose to specialize in environmental chemistry by taking the asterisked advanced electives shown in the program descriptions.

Course Requirement Information
Required CoursesCredit HrsCareer Links
General Education 43-44 hrs
Degree Specific 53-56 hrs
Minimum Hours Required for degree 120 hrs
Approximately 8 Semesters


For students who enrolled at SWOSU before Fall 2004, download Degree Plan here.