Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physics. Since you are visiting this web site you may be considering Chemistry or Engineering Physics as a college major. For those so inclined, the study of physical science is a challenging, but ultimately rewarding endeavor that is a springboard to a variety of career opportunities. Thank you for visiting us on the SWOSU Web site. I hope you enjoy your visit and find the information you are seeking. Should you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our faculty members or me directly by e-mail or telephone. I also invite you to visit us on campus and tour our newly renovated, state-of-the-art, classrooms and labs. We welcome the opportunity to host you.

The 15-member faculty offers students a choice of chemistry and physics courses at the upper level in all areas of specialization and provides rigorous attention to each student as concepts are taught in the foundation courses. The all Ph.D. faculty, coming from universities across the country, have chosen to teach at SWOSU because of their strong commitment to offering the best possible undergraduate education in the sciences. Since learning how to do scientific research is also important to the development of a scientist, there are numerous opportunities to do scientific research at SWOSU. Since 2000, the chemistry/physics faculty at SWOSU has received over $1,900,000 in grants for scientific research from the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, NASA and other organizations. Projects include research on anticancer and anti-HIV drugs, investigations into the molecular aspects of liver and heart disease, nanotechnology and lightening research. Much of this financial support has been used to provide research facilities with state of the art equipment and salaries for many undergraduate research assistants. Many students participate in these projects and find them to be fun, exciting, and challenging. They also find that they give excellent preparation for jobs in industry or further studies in graduate or professional schools.

SWOSU Chemistry and Physics has a strong reputation in both Oklahoma and the five-state region. SWOSU graduates are actively recruited by graduate schools and corporations and have had an outstanding level of success in medical, dental, optical and other professional schools. Our graduates are competitive with the nation’s best; recent graduating seniors have received admittance to graduate school at Harvard, MIT and Princeton, to name a few. We are very proud of our graduates. Many are successful industrial and government scientists and engineers, doctors, optometrists, college professors, lawyers, and corporate managers. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of their lives.

If you are thinking about a degree in chemistry or engineering physics, please consider us. You will find that our programs will prepare you well for any career you choose to pursue. Our friendly students and faculty create a family-like atmosphere that provides the assistance and encouragement that will help you succeed. You will enjoy being a part of the Chemistry Club or the Physics and Engineering Club and take part in the professional and social activities they sponsor.

Again, thank you for visiting us. Please contact us if we can provide additional information or assistance.

William J. Kelly,
Professor and Chair