Master of Education Degree

Elementary Education


The Master of Education degree program at SWOSU is designed to provide a professional course of study for students who have acquired a bachelor’s degree in education and wish to improve their proficiency and skill as educators. The general cognitive performance outcomes for the Master of Education degree are as follows:
1. Extend and broaden teachers’ knowledge base in subject specialization areas;
2. Increase competency mastery in the use of effective methods, teaching styles, materials, and technology;
3. Further develop teachers’ skills in facilitating and evaluating the progress of children and adolescents in areas of human growth, learning, and development;
4. Assist teachers in the improvement of proficiency in analysis, synthesis, and evaluation;
5. Enhance teachers’ understanding of the school’s multiple roles in society and its responsibility for the preservation and improvement of the democratic process; and
6. Foster attitudes that are conducive to improvement as a means of keeping professionally alert, as well as raising the standards and prestige of the profession.