"Entry Level Competencies for the Health Information Management Professional"

Upon completion of the Health Information Management Program the graduate should be prepared to demonstrate the Entry-Level Competencies for Registered Health Information Administrators described in the most recent roles and functions study as delineated by the Health Information Management Profession. These competencies provide a blueprint for the HIM curriculum. They also serve as a foundation for which the national credentialing exam for the profession is based.

Domains, Subdomains, and Tasks for the Registered Record Administrator

(Entry Level Competencies of the Health Information Management Profession)

Domain 1: Healthcare Data and Information

Subdomain 1.a.: Data Content and Structure
1.a.1. Participate in defining data elements for institution-wide data collection
1.a.2. Evaluate documentation to support diagnoses, tests, and treatment modalities

Subdomain 1.b.: Collection, Storage, and Retention
1.b.1. Abstract records for department indices/databases
1.b.2. Abstract data from patient records for QI, UR, and research
1.b.3 Design form displays for collection of data
1.b.4 Collect and report data on incomplete records and timeliness of record completion
1.b.5. Perform database queries for research or special reports
1.b.6. Retrieve patient data from departmental databases

Subdomain 1.C.: Coding and Classification
1.c.1. Assign diagnostic/procedure codes

Subdomain 1.d.: Data Integrity
1.d.1. Monitor quality of department coding, abstracting, and transcription
1.d.2. Develop[ quality procedures for documentation of patient records
1.d.3. Design and apply surveillance checks to monitor accuracy of data

Subdomain 1.e.: Analysis, Interpretation, and Presentation
1.e.1. Compute routine institutional statistics
1.e.2. Compute and report institutional healthcare quality indicators
1.e.3. Design data tools for research studies to evaluate patient outcomes
1.e.4. Assist in interpretation of data
1.e.5. Prepare data for presentation
1.e.6. Analyze institutional data for variances from internal and external standards
1.e.7. Analyze patient data using QI tools
1.e.8. Present data
1.e.9. Perform statistical analysis of patient information
1.e.10 Design reports using database report generation
1.e.11. Conduct surveys to determine customer needs and satisfaction

Domain 2: Information Technology and Systems

Subdomain 2.a.: Information Flows and Systems
2.a.1. Coordinate billing and admission process with other departments
2.a.2. Coordinate other relevant functions with appropriate departments
2.a.3. Participate in institutional planning for integration of computer services
2.a.4. Participate in development of institution-wide information management plan
2.a.5. Define/document requirements for automated data authorization and access
2.a.6. Develop procedures to protect confidentiality of computer data