General Information

The Interdisciplinary Studies program offers maximum flexibility for self-improvement and career enhancement for students who wish to design their own course of study, change their majors late in their academic career, return to SWOSU with new career insights, or attend the University on an irregular basis.

The rapid pace of changes in society and the workplace provides diverse opportunities for the broadly educated academic generalist. Interdisciplinary studies foster receptivity to new information and innovation. Many employers seek interdisciplinary graduates, finding them well prepared, flexible, adaptive, and able to readily acquire more specialized skills in the workplace.

Increasingly, students are selecting broad-based programs to meet their educational and career goals. Some seek careers in areas that do not require highly concentrated courses of study. When given the opportunity, these students frequently select courses of study that better align with their interests. Employers sometimes seek graduates with broad educational backgrounds. For example, a solid foundation in chemistry, biology, and engineering technology is invaluable to graduates seeking work in environmental science. Multinational companies seek employees well versed in business, international politics, and a foreign language. The number of students seeking diverse educational programs is growing, as evidence by the numerous multidisciplinary programs offered through the nation. This program is designed to meet the diverse and changing needs of students and the market place.