Department Goals


  1. To strengthen the use of the English language as an effective means of oral and written expression.
  2. To provide a knowledge of English grammatical concepts.
  3. To foster the ability to evaluate, synthesize, and present research.
  4. To cultivate critical, logical, and analytical thinking.
  5. To promote an understanding of significant authors, works, genres, historical backgrounds, and recurrent themes of American, British, and world literature.
  6. To encourage the use of a variety of critical paradigms.
  7. To enhance knowledge of the multi-cultural diversity of the national and world communities through the study of literature.
  8. To promote a functional understanding of foreign language and culture.
  9. To provide skills and knowledge necessary to qualify for a variety of jobs and to continue education.


  1. To promote oral and written communication in Spanish.
  2. To promote knowledge and understanding of Spanish speaking cultures.
  3. To connect Spanish with other disciplines and acquire information.
  4. To develop insight into the nature of language and culture.
  5. To promote the Spanish language and culture in communities at home and around the world.