B.A. Spanish

  1. The Spanish Division offers a variety of courses designed to improve the four communicative skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  2. Students are exposed to communicative exercises and practices in the recently updated, state of the art Language Laboratory.
  3. Students have the unique opportunity to study in a Spanish Speaking country when participating in Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs.
  4. Learning experience is enriched by active participation in community service projects and through the Spanish Club and the Spanish Honor Society.
  5. Career opportunities go from translation and interpretation to teaching and editing or combining Spanish with other disciplines (i.e. Business, Nursing, Computer Science, Law Enforcement, etc.)

Dear prospective student,

Thank you in advance for your interest in the Spanish Program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  We are a growing program devoted to help students to become fluent in Spanish and to fully develop the four linguistic skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our Spanish students in all course levels always receive personalized attention. The Spanish program at SWOSU does not have teaching assistants, and students always take classes from well experienced professors, and who teach all classes from Elementary I to Spanish Senior Capstone Course.  Our upper division classes only occasionally have more than 15 students.  Students work closely with their professors to achieve their academic goals.

The Spanish Program at SWOSU has a state of the art language laboratory, which will be updated in the upcoming months.  It has 25 student positions, and students can practice listening comprehension and oral skills.  It is a multimedia lab that integrates audio and video.  The Spanish faculty often take their students to the language lab during class. We have a Faculty-Led Summer Study Abroad program in Spain every year. Currently, the cost of the program is 1,400.00 dollars, and it includes three weeks of classes, accommodations, local excursions, interactions with local students who want to learn English, etc.  Similar programs are 2,500.00-3,000.00 and not all of them include excursions and some do not have a full time faculty leading the program from beginning to end.

We have developed opportunities for service learning.  For example, our program has an internship and partnership with Westcentral Oklahoma Literacy Coalition.  Spanish students can volunteer to teach local adults who want to learn English. This semester we have nine Spanish students involved in this project. Student involvement is also one of our goals, and that is why we have Spanish student organizations, such as Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Spanish Honor Society, and the Spanish Club.  This year, Sigma Delta Pi is organizing a cultural trip to San Antonio Texas.  There is also a Spanish film series, a translation contest, etc.  Spanish Student organizations have helped organizing several cultural projects such as the visit of the world-renown artists, Spanish guitarist Francesc de Paula Soler, and Russian pianist Kirill Gliadkovsky; both performed music pieces composed by Spanish and Spanish American composers, and music inspired in traditional Hispanic music. 

If you have already taken two or three years of Spanish, or if you have learned Spanish at home, from family members, you can be sure that you will be placed in the right class, according to your level.  This can give you the opportunity to finish your major or minor  in a timely manner.  Most of our students are either double major or double degree in Spanish and other discipline like Marketing, , Criminal Justice, English, Social Work, Psychology, Computer Science, Exercise Science and Nursing, among others. 

Again, thank you for your interest in our Spanish Program at SWOSU.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You are welcome to visit us anytime!


Dr. Cynthia Peña
Associate Professor
Spanish Program Coordinator
Phone: 580.774.7052
Email cynthia.pena@swosu.edu

Dr. Héctor Garza
Assistant Professor
Phone: 580.774 3093
Email hector.garza@swosu.edu

Dr. Tugba Sevin
Assistant Professor
Phone (58) 774 -7164
Email tugba.sevin@swosu.edu