Pharmacy Administration

Dennis F. Thompson, R. Ph., FCCP, FASHP, Pharm.D.
Dean and Nelson M. Sims Endowed Chair
(580) 774-3764 /dennis.thompson

David A. Ralph, R. Ph., Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Associate Professor
(580) 774-3191 /david.ralph

Nancy T. Williams, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCNSP, FASHP
Department Chair
Associate Dean for Clinical Programs
Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Pasteur Medical Building, OKC
(405) 601-8154 /nancy.williams

Randy Curry, D.Ph.
Rural Health Coordinator
(580) 774-3760

Kalie Kerth, Pharm.D.
Rural Health Clinical Pharmacist
(580) 774-3043

Aimee Henderson, Pharm.D.
MTM Rural Health Clinical Pharmacist
(580) 774-6727 (Phone)

M. O. Faruk Khan, Ph.D.
Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
(580) 774-3064

Sarah J. Ramsey, Ph.D.
Assessment Coordinator
(580) 774-3123

Lyanna Schultz
Admissions Counselor
(580) 774-3127

Nikki Nickels
Administrative Assistant to Admissions Counselor
(580) 774-7177

Kaye Abramson
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(580) 774-3104 /kaye.abramson 

Adina Foust
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(580) 774-3105

Corrie Martin
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(580) 774-6324 /corrie.martin

Leshia Keeton
Student Coordinator
(580) 774-3126 /leshia.keeton

Julie Bartel-Biebrich
Administrative Assistant to Pharmacy Practice
(405) 601-2484

Patti A. Harper, M.B.A.
Alumni, Development Officer and Director of Continuing Education
(580) 774-3190
patti.harper@swosu.edu /patti.harper

Malynda Blevins
Administrative Assistant for Pharmacy CE & Alumni Development
(580) 774-7197