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SWOSU College of Pharmacy Vision, Mission, and Values

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SWOSU College of Pharmacy Vision, Mission, and Values


To be recognized as a dynamic educational environment in which students develop the personal, professional, intellectual, and leadership skills needed to advance the profession of pharmacy.


The College of Pharmacy educates and empowers pharmacy graduates who, as part of a healthcare team, aspire to a lifelong commitment of personal and professional development and exceptional patient- centered care. The College of Pharmacy creates, disseminates, and applies knowledge and innovation to advance the health and wellness of culturally diverse populations.


The College of Pharmacy embraces these values as foundational pillars:

  • Fostering professionalism and integrity by cultivating a sense of personal and institutional responsibility, self-awareness, and accountability.
  • Providing mentorship of students and colleagues to promote their professional and personal growth.
  • Exhibiting excellence and innovation in teaching, service, and research/scholarly activity.
  • Expressing compassion for others and engaging in community service.
  • Sustaining a collegial environment that promotes collaboration and mutual respect between administration, faculty, staff, preceptors, students, and alumni.
  • Promoting diversity, cultural awareness, and the preservation of human dignity.

Approved August 19, 2016

Department of Pharmacy Practice Mission, Vision, and Values

Pharmacy Practice Mission

The Pharmacy Practice Department’s mission is to contribute to the development of highly competent practitioners who function as part of the healthcare team to provide quality patient-centered care in a variety of healthcare settings.

Pharmacy Practice Vision

The Pharmacy Practice Department will strive to provide students with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values necessary to succeed as part of an interprofessional healthcare team and the ability to contribute to future changes in the delivery of healthcare.  Pharmacy Practice faculty and preceptors, serving as mentors, will create an environment promoting student learning and active participation in the provision of patient-centered care.

Pharmacy Practice Values

  • Developing a strong knowledge base along with self-assessment and critical thinking skills leading to a commitment to lifelong, independent learning and success as a pharmacy practitioner.
  • Fostering effective communication and collaboration skills to promote team-based patient care.
  • Cultivating attitudes of professionalism, compassion, mutual respect, personal accountability, and cultural awareness among student, faculty, preceptors, patients, and the community.
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