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Culpeper’s A Physical Directory
The Apothecary
The Sig
The Southwestern Pharmacist
The Pharmacy Bulletin

Culpeper’s A Physical Directory; or a Translation of the Dispensatory with a Key to Galen’s Method of Physic

Published in 1651, the book describes how to use plants from the English countryside for medicinal purposes. The author explains how to make pills, syrups, anointments and plasters.

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The Apothecary

Browse the full run of the College of Pharmacy’s annual student publication from 1957 to the present.

Apothecary 2009 Apothecary 1991 Apothecary 1973
Apothecary 2008 Apothecary 1990 Apothecary 1972
Apothecary 2007 Apothecary 1989 Apothecary 1971
Apothecary 2006 Apothecary 1988 Apothecary 1970
Apothecary 2005 Apothecary 1987 Apothecary 1969
Apothecary 2004 Apothecary 1986 Apothecary 1968
Apothecary 2003 Apothecary 1985 Apothecary 1967
Apothecary 2002 Apothecary 1984 Apothecary 1966
Apothecary 2001 Apothecary 1983 Apothecary 1965
Apothecary 2000 Apothecary 1982 Apothecary 1964
Apothecary 1999 Apothecary 1981 Apothecary 1963
Apothecary 1998 Apothecary 1980 Apothecary 1962
Apothecary 1997 Apothecary 1979 Apothecary 1961
Apothecary 1996 Apothecary 1978 Apothecary 1960
Apothecary 1995 Apothecary 1977 Apothecary 1959
Apothecary 1994 Apothecary 1976 Apothecary 1958
Apothecary 1993 Apothecary 1975 Apothecary 1956-1957
Apothecary 1992 Apothecary 1974  

The Sig

Browse the list of the College of Pharmacy's 'The Sig' newsletters from 1976 to the present.

The SigThe Sig
The Sig:  January, 1976 Number 1 The Sig:  Summer, 1988
The Sig:  June, 1976 Number 2 The Sig:  Fall, 1989
The Sig:  Summer,  1978 The Sig:  Fall, 1990
The Sig:  Winter, 1979 The Sig:  Winter, 1991-1992
The Sig:  Special Edition, 1979 The Sig:  Winter, 1993
The Sig:  Winter, 1980 The Sig:  Spring, 1995
The Sig:  Summer, 1980 The Sig:  Spring, 1996
The Sig:  Winter, 1981 The Sig:  Summer, 1997
The Sig:  Winter, 1982 The Sig:  Summer, 1998
The Sig:  Spring, 1983 The Sig:  Spring, 2000
The Sig:  Summer, 1984 The Sig:  Fall, 2004
The Sig:  Spring, 1985 The Sig:  Winter, 2011-2012
The Sig:  Spring, 1986 The Sig:  Spring, 2012
The Sig:  Spring, 1987 The Sig:  Late Spring, 2012

The Southwestern Pharmacist

View the publications of the Student Chapter of the American Pharmaceutical Association at Southwestern State College School of Pharmacy between 1968 and 1973.

The Southwestern Pharmacist:
September, 1968
The Southwestern Pharmacist:
March, 1973
The Southwestern Pharmacist:
October, 1968
The Southwestern Pharmacist:
June, 1973
The Southwestern Pharmacist:
March, 1969
The Southwestern Pharmacist:
December, 1973
The Southwestern Pharmacist:
August, 1969
The Southwestern Pharmacist:
March, 1974

The Pharmacy Bulletin

With ample photographs of their time, this series of catalogs describes the program of study and facilities of the School of Pharmacy from 1946-1970.

Pharmacy Bulletin:  1946-1947 Pharmacy Bulletin:  1957-1959
Pharmacy Bulletin:  1951-1952 Pharmacy Bulletin:  1964-1967
Pharmacy Bulletin:  1956-1957 Pharmacy Bulletin:  1968-1970
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