Experiential Education Manual
IV. Preceptors

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D. Preceptor Education and Development

1. Preceptor Education

Onboarding and training for all new preceptors including:

  1. Orientation to the College of Pharmacy’s mission statement
  2. Orientation to teaching responsibilities associated with the rotation
  3. Orientation to the specific learning objectives for the rotation that will direct student activities
  4. Orientation to student evaluation to assess student performance
  5. Instruction on dealing with student problems and unprofessional student behaviors
  6. Instruction on the use of the Student Evaluation of Preceptor to self-assess teaching effectiveness

2. Preceptor Development

  1. Regular Experiential Education faculty visits, to review and provide updated information
  2. Annual Preceptor’s Conference
  3. Pharmacist’s Letter Preceptor Training and Resource Network (PTRN) Pharmacists letter
  4. Monthly Pharmacist’s Letter News (PTRN)
  5. Complimentary SWOSU CE:

Southwestern Pharmacy Alumni Foundation, Inc. Continuing Education provides specified complimentary Continuing Education to the pharmacists who are currently listed as active preceptors in the Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy Practice Program.

Active preceptors have the opportunity to attend Continuing Education in- state seminars and/or order correspondence courses listed on the web site (SWOSU Pharmacy Alumni Foundation link). (Complimentary C. E. is not available for Certificate Programs, Travel Seminars or any other Continuing Education Programs). There will be a limit of 16.0 hours per year of complimentary Continuing Education.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity for complimentary Continuing Education, the following steps must be taken. For the in-state seminars, preceptors must pre- register (walk-in registration fee will be required for walk-ins). When pre-registering, please indicate that you area "SW Preceptor” and provide your preceptor site. When ordering correspondence courses, please indicate that you are a “SW Preceptor” and provide your preceptor site.

Your understanding of our policies will be greatly appreciated. Any questions concerning the opportunity for complimentary Continuing Education should be directed to me at the Continuing Education office or to Dr. Christy Cox (christy.cox@swosu.edu) at the Office of Experiential Education.

Your support in the Pharmacy Practice Program and your continued participation in the Continuing Education Programs are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact the Continuing Education office (swpharmacy@swosu.edu; 580.774.7197 or 580.774.3190).

Patti Harper, MBA
Director Continuing Education
Southwestern Pharmacy Alumni Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 702
Weatherford, OK 73096