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Rho Chi

The Rho Chi Society was founded in 1922 as a national honor organization. SWOSU's Beta Upsilon Chapter was established in 1961.

Rho Chi's fundamental objective has always been to promote the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences through recognition of sound scholarship. Requirements for membership into Rho Chi include:

  1. completion of 50 percent of the total required professional hours;
  2. a scholastic rating in the upper 20 percent of one's class based on grade point average in pharmacy courses; and
  3. an overall grade point average of 3.0 or above in both cumulative college studies and in courses completed in the College of Pharmacy.

Faculty sponsors for Rho Chi are Dr. Randy Curry, Dr. Les Ramos, Dr. Stephen Drinnon, Dr. Brooke Gildon and Dr. Tom Davis.

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