Steven Cornell

Steve CornellSteven Cornell teaches firearms and custody and control classes in the Parks and Recreation Management Department. Steven has served as an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper since 1995. He is currently a Lieutenant supervising Troopers at OHP Troop H in Clinton. Steven is a CLEET certified Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Law Enforcement Driving Training Instructor. He is a graduate of several Strategos International training courses including Physical Conflict Resolution Instructor, Russian Martial Arts, and Officer Survival in Low Light Conditions Instructor. Steven is also a two time graduate of the Pat Rogers / EAG Tactical Training AR-15 Carbine Operator course and the Paul Howe / Combat Shooting and Tactics Tactical Pistol and Combat Leadership courses.  Cornell has completed the United States Shooting Academy In Fight Weapon Access and Centurion Training Group Tactical Mantracking courses.  He is a highly decorated OHP Trooper. He has been awarded an OHP Troop Commander’s Award each year since 1998. Steven has twice won the OHP Chief’s Award. He was the first OHP Trooper to win the Alcohol, Criminal Enforcement, Stolen Vehicles (ACES) Award. Steven was also the first OHP Trooper to win a second ACES Award.  Steven teaches the use of firearms & defensive tactics at the OHP Academy and for area municipal and county law enforcement agencies. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University.