Psychology Research at SWOSU

The Psychology Department at SWOSU conducts research into the areas of social psychology (prejudice and effects of stereotyping in video games), women’s issues, child literacy, memory and cognition, school counseling, emotional intelligence, issues of child abuse and neglect and health psychology and career counseling.

Faculty Research Interests

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Dr. Jim Hunsicker - 580.774.3721

Research Interests:

  • Cognition
  • Human and Animal Memory
  • Search Processes in Memory

Dr. Amy Barnett - 580.774.3154

Research Interests:

  • Adoption, Foster Care, At-risk Youth
  • Motivation
  • Role of School Counselors

Dr. Randy Barnett - 580.774.6051

Research Interests:

  • Factors Associated with Juvenile Delinquency
  • Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Melinda Burgess - 580.774.3724

Research Interests:

  • Media
  • Sterotypes

Dr. Stephen Burgess - 580.774.7015

Research Interests:

  • Literacy: Early Reading Development
  • Use of Literacy by Adults
  • Video Games and Other Media

Ms. Jayme Correll - 580.774.3723

Research Interests:

  • Personality
  • Training in the Workplace
  • Assessment of Outcomes

Dr. Jared Edwards - 580.774.3726

Research Interests:

  • Teaching Strategies in Psychology Classes
  • Variables that Effect Career Decisions and Major Choice

Research Team:

  • Psychological and Career Education and Development (P.A.C.E.D.)

Dr. Jorie Edwards - 580.774.6052

Research Interests:

  • Role of Career Development
  • Students in Transition
  • Perceptions of Mental Health

Dr. Michael Wolff - 580.774.3720

Research Interests:

  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • ADHD