Emeriti Faculty (2013)

Person Year Arrived Year Retired Discipline Degree/Uni.
Kenneth Tillett
1997 2013 Political Science
Georgetown University
Philip D. Holley
1974 2013 Criminal Justice/ Sociology
Iowa State University
Chapman, Sara J.  1982 1999 History M.A./Oklahoma State University
Fiegel, Melvin F. 1966 1995 History Ed.D./Oklahoma State University
Jones, Lee. D 1965 1982 Geography M.A./University of Oklahoma
Montgomery, Robin N. 1969 1996 Political Science Ph.D./University of Oklahoma
Nowka, Harry E. 1963 2009 Economics Ed.D./Oklahoma State University
Petrowsky, Clarence L. 1963 1987 History Ph.D./University of Oklahoma
Rolison, W. Edward 1966 2001 Political Science Ph.D./University of Missouri
Tompkins, Gary L. 1973 1998 Political Science Ph.D./University of Missouri
Wheeler, W. Michael 1989 2009 Geography Ph.D./University of North Carolina
Wright, Jr., David. E 1973 2001 Sociology/ Criminal Justice M.S./Texas A & M University
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