B.S. Engineering Technology

Technology curricula allows for a variety of exciting opportunities in the areas of Industrial and Engineering Technology as well as Technology Education Certification for the secondary schools.

Each major is capped by a research project or realistic internship experience to facilitate the transition from school to the actual job scene.

Career opportunities are numerous in all technology fields and command competitive salaries. Examples of recent graduate placement are manufacturing engineering technologists, quality assurance managers, plant and production supervisors, production analysts, planners and schedulers, and estimators. Approximately 30% of Oklahoma Technology Education teachers have at least one degree from SWOSU.

Course Requirement Information
Required CoursesCredit HrsCareer Links
General Education 43-44 hrs
Core Requirements 53 hrs
 Specialization 32-34 hrs
Minimum Hours Required for degree 130 hrs
Approximately 8 Semesters


For students who enrolled at SWOSU before Fall 2013, download Degree Plan here.