Online Consultations

We do offer online consultations in the form of email communication between consultants and clients. Please read through the instructions below before submitting a project via email.

Instructions for Emailing Papers

Please answer the following questions when e-mailing papers to the Writing Center for assistance:

  1. What was the assignment for this paper?
  2. Is this an early draft or a later, revised version?
  3. How can we help you with this paper? Do you need help with developing a thesis, an introduction, or conclusion; expanding ideas; learning to develop paragraphs, or to avoid sentence fragments? Let us know the specific area or areas you would like for us to address. While we usually focus more on larger issues concerning the organization and conceptual development of a paper, we will answer questions about proofreading and work to teach you how to be a better proofreader of your own papers.

Facebook/Twitter “Quick Questions”

Have a quick question about citations, grammatical concepts, or individual sentences while you work on a project? Post the question on our Facebook page or tweet us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can during consulting hours.

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