General Information

SWOSU Adventure Programs

Investing in our youth

SWOSU operates five residential group homes, providing services to state adjudicated delinquent male youths. The University began its partnership with the Office of Juvenile Affairs in 1995 with the Foss Lake Adventure Program. Now there are group homes located at Foss Lake, Crowder Lake, Lawton, Enid, and Tenkiller Lake. Each program provides varied and unique services to the juveniles.

Working Toward Change

Tenkiller Lake

Our program focuses on the individual. By assessing core strengths and needs, neurological development and environmental factors, we put the youth on a path for improvement, emotionally and socially, for a successful future. The behavioral portion of our program includes cognitive behavioral therapy, intensive substance abuse education, and a highly structured day that is designed to be a meaningful learning process with built in components to provide feedback and accomplishments. The services include individual, group, and family therapy. The program strongly encourages family participation. The educational services include vocational training, full educational curriculum, and social skills development. Many of our youth are behind academically. At SWOSU-AP, youth are encouraged and assisted in earning credits needed. Many youth are able to earn a high school diploma or obtain a GED during their placement at SWOSU-AP.

The youth placed in the SWOSU programs are provided a unique opportunity to participate in extraordinary activities to challenge them mentally, physically, and emotionally. SCUBA, sailing, swimming, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, rappelling, and equestrian trail exploration are just the beginning when it comes to activities. Physical fitness is necessary both for the physical and mental well-being of an individual. Participation in these various activities allows juveniles to achieve success in the programs and build skills for life.

Dedicated Professionals

Universities who invest in the future are not something new. However, the way SWOSU chooses to invest in the future is unique and groundbreaking. Using the resources and talents of an established institution for quality treatment programs for youth is simply the right thing to do. SWOSU understands programming is only as good as the persons providing it. SWOSU Adventure Programs employ highly experienced and qualified professionals. LCSW, LBP, LPC, and CADC are the types of licensed staff at the Adventure Programs. The University seeks to hire only the best for all positions.

Internships Available

Interning with SWOSU's Adventure Programs provide valuable experience in:

  • Social Work
  • Health
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Psychology
  • Education

Real-world Education

The group homes employ students in both full-time and part-time positions. Employers and supervisors work with the students in scheduling their work hours with their school hours. The group homes also provide University students with great opportunities for exciting practicums and internships. Students who gain from these opportunities are majoring in social work, health, parks and recreation, chemical dependency, psychology, and education.