Testing Offered through the Assessment Center

Procedure of Advanced Standing Test for Computers and Information Access

To receive advanced-standing credit for COMSC 1022 students must pass a test covering computer concepts and demonstrate proficiency in the use of application software on PC computers. Eligible students are: (1) those who have never taken Computers and Information Access and (2) those who have taken the course and received a grade of “F.” Students who pass the test will receive a grade of “S”, which will satisfy the SWOSU general education requirement but will not affect the student’s grade point average. The original grade of a student who has previously failed the course will also remain on the student’s transcript.

In order to test, you must contact Assessment Center staff at 580.-774-7184 or come to the Assessment Center located at 224 W. College.

This test consists of four components, each timed for one-hour:

  1. Microsoft Office Access on PC computers
  2. Microsoft Office Excel on PC computers
  3. Microsoft Office PowerPoint on PC computers
  4. Microsoft Office Word on PC computers

These test components must be taken and passed in this order! You will not be allowed to take the next until you have successfully completed the previous one. The required score on each test component is 70% or higher. Each test component may be taken only three times.

After successfully completing all four parts of the test, the student should report to the Department of Accounting, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship to initiate the paperwork for placing the credit hours on his/her Southwestern Oklahoma State University transcript. This will cost $5 per credit hour (a total of $10).

Effective: Summer 2014