Testing Offered through the Assessment Center

Placement Testing

Entering students with ACT subtest scores below 19 in English, math and/or reading must fulfill remedial requirements. This may be accomplished by:

  1. Successfully completing the Placement Roadmap to Success (PRS), or,
  2. Successfully completing the appropriate remedial courses.

PRS includes a Computer Placement Test (CPT), which is used to test out of remediation.  When remediation is necessary, research shows that students who complete remediation utilizing Pearson’s MyFoundationsLab (MFL) are often more successful in general education courses.  Therefore, PRS also offers MFL to students before attending their first semester (or between semesters).  It requires a diagnostics test, which 1) identifies strengths and challenges, and 2) assigns online personalized interactive instruction for academic skill development (available up to 10 weeks).  After evidence in MFL of mastering challenges by scoring an 80% on the assigned modules, students may take a second CPT to test out of further remediation.  Therefore, students with deficiencies should begin this remediation process as early as possible.  PRS used successfully will save you remedial course costs of at least $700 and 48 hours of class time in English, $900 and 64 hours of class time in math, and $450 and 32 hours of class time in reading (more than $2050 and 144 hours of class time for all three subjects).  Course fees and textbooks are additional.  However, PRS is no charge to you…it is funded by SWOSU.

To schedule a test, please call the Assessment Center on the Weatherford Campus at 580.774.7084; or, the Sayre Campus at 580.28-5533, ext. 131. For admission to test, students MUST present current photo ID (SWOSU ID, driver's license, state ID, tribal ID, or passport). Photo ID cannot be expired and/or must have been issued within the last two years.

Students who are not successful in PRS must enroll in the appropriate remedial courses and must successfully remediate basic skills course requirements within the first 24 semester hours attempted or have enrollment restricted until the deficiencies are removed. Students must enroll in all required remedial courses during their first semester at Southwestern and remain enrolled in remedial courses each semester until all deficiencies are cleared.

Files listed may require external applications or readers. Download software if needed.