The Focus Is You

SWOSU Assessment Center Mission

The Southwestern OK State University Assessment Center embraces the University mission and the students it serves with core values of appreciation for diversity, promotion of life-long learning, integrity, collaboration, access, service, fellowship, and the spirit of inquiry. The mission of the Assessment Center is to assist in providing educational opportunities and an educational environment at Southwestern Oklahoma State University through student testing as well as reporting information from various areas of student and institutional assessment. The mission is manifest and the purposes are accomplished through:

  1. Student assessment through testing for admissions and placement of students in both programs as well as appropriate classes.
  2. Student assessment through testing for awarding college credit to deserving students. 
  3. Assisting administration and academic departments in various assessment activities upon request.
  4. Student outcomes assessment.
  5. Student engagement assessment.
  6. Student satisfaction assessment.
  7. Administration of various other surveys and evaluations.

SWOSU Assessment Center Goals

  1. To be guided in all activities by “The Focus Is You” attitude. This is balanced between established policies and kindness/compassion.
  2. To provide cordial and professional assessment and testing services through professional development of Assessment staff.
  3. To provide quality services by supplying necessary assessment and testing services and data, tracking and reporting various data, and staying technologically updated.
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The Focus Is You