Faculty Support


Course shells are added and enrollments are active. Students won't have access to your courses until you Publish them.  Follow these instructions for Publishing your courses.

eLearning Support

The best way for instructors and students to get support for issues with eLearning tools call 580.774.3149. Within Canvas, you can also use the Help menu at the top right side of the screen to Report a Problem.  For self-help options with Canvas, please search the Canvas guides at http://guides.instructure.com/ or the Canvas Community at http://help.instructure.com/forums#recent These are each a great way to get answers quickly.

Desire2Learn:  Instructor accounts will be disabled on June 30, 2014. Please download any D2L content you wish to retain prior to June 30, 2014.

Canvas: We create course shells for all courses when the semester course schedule has been uploaded, and students are enrolled in the courses when they enroll for the semester. Sections of the same course will be combined, if you would like them separated, please request that via email Karen.Klein@swosu.edu with the course prefix and number and section numbers affected.

Canvas settings allow instructors to add other instructors, Course Designers, or TAs to their courses. You can do that from the People link in the left navigation of your course. As long as the instructor has a Canvas account, you can add them to your course and do not need to submit a request to add them.

Faculty Commons

We've created a Canvas 'course' called “Faculty Commons” as a learning resource for faculty. Log into Canvas and check out this Canvas course that contains a wealth of resources, including tip sheets and tutorials, templates, and content you can share with students

Canvas Training for Instructors

Call 580.774.3149 to schedule one-on-one Canvas training. There are Canvas training videos in “Faculty Commons.”  While it’s possible to learn Canvas through practice and self-study, our training offerings include information specific to our processes, as well as valuable tips and tricks we’ve learned.

Canvas Orientation for Students

There is a self-paced online Student Orientation that all students can access from the Help menu at the top right side of any Canvas screen, or the link at the bottom of every Canvas Log-in screen. You can also provide them with the direct link to the training at https://swosu.instructure.com/courses/5745/modules.  We've found the online orientation combined with a course site demonstration from the instructor is a great way for students to jump into Canvas. Students who need additional support are welcome to visit us in EDUC 210 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.