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The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning is a wonderful way for working adults to complete their degrees while tending to the complexities of life. At SWOSU several different options exist for students on both what the student might be interested in and how they want to have the degree delivered.

Online degrees are the most common distance delivered method in the United States today. Delivered over the Internet, online learning provides access to the teacher and to classmates wherever the student is able to connect to the Internet. At SWOSU, online course work uses Canvas, a learning management system that will allow you to have course materials delivered to you and where you will connect with faculty and students in ongoing discussions each week. While students can log on to the course work anytime during the day, the general expectation is that students will interact with the class daily.

Interactive Television (ITV) is the most common delivery system for course work at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Via two-way television, students are able to interact with the teachers and fellow students in a way that most closely replicates the traditional classroom experience. Students in ITV courses meet at predesignated locations throughout Oklahoma at specific times during the week, very much like a student would in a traditional university experience.

Webinar is the newest delivery system to Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Webinar delivery is similar to ITV in that students meet at a specific time each week, but differs in that the lectures and class interactions are delivered through the student’s laptop or desktop computer. Seeing and hearing the instructor other students is done computer to computer.

Blended programs are ones where a combination of delivery methods is employed such as ITV and Online together. Many Blended programs have an on-campus requirement. This may be as simple as a one-time on campus visit or as much as a full course through the program where the student has to a residence requirement. It is important for the student to contact the appropriate department to learn more about the requirements in a Blended program.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University offers the following degrees in the following delivery ways.



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Graduate Degrees


Graduate Degrees

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