International Student Affairs

Dr. Randall Beckloff

Office of International Student Affairs

Dr. Randall Beckloff is a native of western Oklahoma having grown up near the small town of Oakwood, 30 miles north of the SWOSU campus. Dr. Beckloff has lived and worked, primarily in community development, for 12 plus years on the African continent in the countries of Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Kenya. He is fluent in the Swahili language.

International Student Memorabilia

In addition to work internationally, he has worked as an international student advisor in Oklahoma for more than ten years. He also taught Swahili language and Introduction to Africa courses in the African Studies Institute at the University of Georgia for four years. Dr. Beckloff holds a BS degree in Agriculture from Oklahoma State University, a master’s degree in Intercultural Administration from the School for International Training, and a Ph.D. in Adult Education from the University of Georgia.

As Coordinator of International Student Affairs at SWOSU, Dr. Beckloff promotes an international emphasis on the SWOSU campus. Our world is connected more intensely than ever before and global interactions will only increase as technology and global economies continue to develop. International students sharing classrooms and campus activities with local students will develop global linkages that equip all SWOSU students to more effectively participate in an increasingly interconnected world.