International Student Affairs


Dear International Student:

As the end of the fall semester approaches and before final exams get started, please take a moment to see if any of the topics below apply to you.

Graduating this semester-what about OPT?

Several students who are graduating this semester have recently completed their applications for OPT. If you are graduating this semester and haven’t applied for OPT yet and think you might want to, please contact me soon to begin the process or just to get more information.

Traveling out of the USA for the holidays

If you will travel out of the USA over the holidays I’ll need to sign your I-20 before you travel. Make sure you are enrolled for the spring semester then come by my office for this and bring your I-20 and passport, with your current visa. I’ll check your documents and sign your I-20—should take 5 minutes or so. Please don’t wait until the last minute to do this J

Transportation to Oklahoma City

If you plan to travel over the holidays but don’t have a way to get to Oklahoma City, you can send me an email with the details of your travels plans. International Student Affairs has reserved a SWOSU van for this purpose for December 19 & 20.  If you need transportation for days other than December 19 & 20 I’ll also try to help with other arrangements. The deadline for arranging with me for this is December 14.

I’ll also be picking up new students arriving for next semester so if you think you’ll need a ride in January, please let me know your plans and maybe I can help.

Live in a Residence Hall?

For students living in a dormitory, I’ve been asked to remind you of the following:

  • Residents needing to stay during the break must contact the Housing Office no later than December 14th to make arrangements and pay the $228 fee.  This fee covers the cost of housing only, as all food services will be closed throughout the break. 
  • For those leaving during the break, the halls will close Wednesday, December 19th at 6pm.  Residents do not need to move anything out of their rooms, if they are returning to the same room for the spring semester.   
  • Residents must turn in their key at the front desk to the RA or they will be charged the cost of the break, $228.
  • Halls will reopen Monday, January 7th at 9am (not any earlier), at which time residents may pick up their keys and move back in.