This course will consist of 4 online sessions.

Learn how to draft professional patterns from Master Tailor-Designer Eric W. Stiles Sr. You will learn the formulas used to draft patterns from beginning to end for Ready-To-Wear and Custom garments. Stop wasting time and money using Commercial patterns. Learn to make your own, and start designing your own line of clothing, that will fit and enhance your body.

These are the same formulas used by all of the top European and Domestic designers of the world. Product and Development, a procedure used to help the designer improve and complete their patterns, will be taught. It’s highly recommended to take the Sewing/Tailoring and the Pattern Drafting classes together, to enhance and maximize your skills.

No sewing experience is required. Materials list will be provided on the first day of class.

Cost of this course is $48. (Supplies are not included in the price of the course).


Eric W. Stiles Sr.

Instructor Biography

Master Tailor-Designer Eric W. Stiles Sr., former top Supervisor and Head Tailor-Fitter for Giorgio Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren and others. Mr. Stiles has more than 35 years of professional experience, and is an industry expert who taught fashion design at 10 well-respected colleges.