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25th Annual SWOSU Research and Scholarly Activity Fair Abstract Submission

Instructions for Completing the Abstract Submission:

Using the form below, please provide all of the requested information. The Abstract, Names of Participants and Sponsors/Faculty will appear in the official fair booklet as submitted, so review your information for spelling, grammar, and content accuracy. Note that the limit for abstracts is 2,500 characters, which also counts spaces. Abstract examples are available in the 2017 Activity Fair Book. The deadline for submitting an abstract is Friday, March 16, 2018.

Please fill out the form below to complete your online abstract submission.

Once you have completed the form, click “Submit;” you should then see a “thank you” message indicating the abstract was successfully submitted. In addition, the Faculty/Sponsor and first student listed will receive an e-mail receipt. If you have any technical difficulties, please e-mail webmaster@swosu.edu.


Also, feel free to contact Dr. Lisa Appeddu, URSAC Chair, via e-mail lisa.appeddu@swosu.edu or 580.774.3148; or Dr. Yolanda Carr, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, via e-mail osp@swosu.edu or 580.774.7012 with any questions.

Other URSAC members include Dr. Becky Bruce (Department of Social Sciences), Dr. Rickey Cothran (Department of Biological Sciences), Dr. Jared Edwards (Department of Psychology), Mr. Ed Klein (Department of Education), Dr. Denise Landrum-Geyer (Department of Language & Literature), Ms. Erin Ridgeway (Al Harris Library), Dr. Jeremy Evert (Department of Business & Computer Science), Ms. Kim Zachary (College of Associate & Applied Programs), and Student Representatives Suzanne Parker (Psychology Major) and Jay Garber (Biology Major).

Online Abstract Submission

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