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23rd Annual SWOSU Research and Scholarly Activity Fair

Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s 23rd Annual Research and Scholarly Activity Fair was held on April 19, 2016, in the Student Union Memorial Ballroom. The event gives students the opportunity to present their research and other scholarly activity in poster or podium presentation formats. This year, more than 200 SWOSU students and faculty members presented 117 research projects. Many of the presentations have been or will be presented at various organizational events at the state, regional, and national levels.

Nine students from the Western Technology Center Biomedical Academy in Burns Flat, sponsored by Biomedical Instructor Danna Goss, also presented at the fair. The students that presented included Tiffany Barron, Laura Beeler, Ryan Boecker, Sierra Bowdre, Karl Craig, Collin Elmore, Braye Riseley, Michaela Robertson, and Emily Wright. Also, attending the fair were students from the Weatherford High School Biology students and their faculty sponsor, Kerri Kirby.  As part of their attendance at the fair, the high school students also toured the Stafford Air and Space Museum. 

The fair was sponsored by the University Research and Scholarly Activity Committee (URSAC) and the SWOSU Office of Sponsored Programs. Committee members include: Dr. Lisa Appeddu, chair; Dr. Randy Barnett; Dr. Becky Bruce; Dr. Rickey Cothran; Mr. Ed Klein; Dr. Denise Landrum-Geyer; Mrs. Erin Ridgeway; Dr. Trisha Wald; Ms. Kim Zachary and Dr. Yolanda Carr, Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs, and students Gwen Burgess and Davie Owen.

Opening remarks were given by Dr. Lisa Appeddu; Mr. Tom Fagan, Executive Vice President; and Dr. Ken Rose, Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies.  Certificates of appreciation plaques were presented to Mr. Robert Barnes and Dr. Ken Rose to recognize their upcoming retirements and years of service to the annual Fair.  Dr. Jason Johnson was also presented with a plaque for his years of service as chair and member of URSAC.

The disciplines represented at this year’s fair are as follows: Art, Communication, and Theatre; Biological Sciences, Business & Computer Science; Chemistry and Physics; Education; Engineering Technology; Language and Literature; Music; Nursing and Allied Health; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Psychology; and Social Sciences.

Students participating in the poster and podium presentations included: Madison Abbe, Aileen Aiello, Abdulaala-Ahmed Al Muhsan, Elisabeth Allbritton, Hazem Alshahrani, Abdulaziz Alsuliman, Samson Asongwe, Shelby Austin, Emily Baalman, Shelby Baker, Christopher Barnhill, William Barr, Stephanie Bates, Katelynn Black, Kwyn Bollinger, Abbagale Bond, Darian Bradford, Morgan Bressman, Taylor Bromlow, Winston Brown, Darby Bryce, Emily Burgess, Gwendolyn Burgess, Krisi Burghardt, Bradly Burke, Luke Carpenter, Cristhian Casillas, Enrique Chapparo, Baylee Chisum, Li Chi Chiu, David Clinton, Devin Connell, Jenna Coons, Aaron Cornell, Morgan Corona, Brookson Creason, Garet Crispin, Dustin Davilla, Sarah Dengler, Pratush reddy Desi Reddy, Ashna Dhoonmoon, Candice Dougherty, Madison Duckwall, Mazie Earl, Austin Eaton, Jessica Egner, Logan Ellzey, Courtney Ernst, Andrea Fernandez, Cole File, Marly Fixico-Hardison, Jose Flores, Cheyanne Floyd, Stormy Foley, Jarrod Ford, Rebecca Gaglia, Alexandria Garza, Ashlee Garza-Beitinger,  Maci Glasscock, Michael-Joseph Gorbet, Garrett Gresham, Chelsey Griffith, Courtney Gunning, Kyle Hall, Brianna Hassett, Lindsey Hendricks, Tyler Henry, Mary Hertzel, Allyson Heskett, Dillon Heskett, Kendra Hess, Jamie Holsapple, Yi-Wei Huang,  Jessica Huffman, Bryn Hull, Rukayat Idris, Derek Inman, Haerim Jeong, Donnie Jones, Tara Jones, Pei-Yu Kao, Heather Kelley, Dakota Kemp, Didier Khoo, Shaylee Kilhoffer, Jiyoung Kim, Camrel Kimbro, Carlene Kinder, Tom Klade, Melani Knisley, Jordan Lager, Nikki Laitran, Angela Lajaunie, Klemson Lancaster, Emma Leffler, Tzu-Chi Lin, Nicholas Lockyear, P. Montgomery Long, Jiji Lu, Daley McGuire, Shawna Meyer, Allison Mills, Tyler Mitchum, Taiwo Momoh, Tammy Morgan, Amina Mouliom, Rebecca Muldy, Margaret Musser, Ashton Neely, Khanh Nguyen, Quynh Nguyen, Paage Nicoll, Ty Normand, Megan Oertel, Oluwaseyi Oluwabamise, Sequojah O’Neal-Johnson, Dhruv Patel, Jaci Peetoom, Chance Perry, Ashley Pickens, Rebecca Plunk, Kira Powell, Ashley Powers, Lauren Prewett, Daniel Ramirez, Katherine Ramming, Tyler Ray, Tosha Redd, Chris Reyes, Ali Richards, Jordan Sage, Carla Salcido, Prabhjyot Saluja, Kylee Sawatzky, Meagan Saxton, Alexander Scarborough, Ryan Schmid, Kyra Schmidt, Catherine Schubert, Lily Schwemley, Delaney Sharry, Abby Sheik, Ang-Chuten Sherpa, Anthony Shircliff, Dylan Shockey, Kody Shoff, Aditi Shrestha, Alina Shrestha, Taylor Smith, Chesney Swartwood, Canisia Tatah,  Jennifer Torres, Mai Tran, Nhu Tran, Michael Tucker, Andikan Usanga, Jessee Velasco, Ashlie Walker, Clay Walker, Jacob Wall, Mason Ware, Rachel Watkins, Talon Watkins, Emma Wedel, Emeche Wells, Mark Williams, Tosha Williams, Tyler Williams, Devin Wilson, John Woods, Brandon Wrobbel, Rachel Yarnell, Sinthia Youmbi, Yixiao Yuan, Caleb Zerby, Yi-ru Zheng.

SWOSU faculty who participated, either as sponsors or as presenters, included: Ms. Cindi Albrightson, Dr. Teri Allen, Dr. Fred Alsberg, Dr. Lisa Appeddu, Dr. Jimena Aracena, Dr. Amy Barnett, Dr. Randy Barnett, Ms. Madeline Baugher, Dr. Sherri Brogdon, Mr. Nathan Brooks, Dr. Dan Brown, Dr. Becky Bruce,  Mr. Brad Bryant, Dr. Melinda Burgess, Dr. Stephen Burgess, Ms. Marsha Carman, Ms. Mary Carrell, Dr. Lisa Castle, Ms.Yu-Ling Chen, Dr. Kevin Collins, Dr. Rickey Cothran, Dr. Jared Edwards, Dr. Trevor Ellis, Dr. David Esjornson, Dr. Jeremy Evert, Mr. Brad Fitzgerald, Dr. Victoria Gaydosik, Dr. Lori Gwyn, Dr. Jon Henrikson, Dr. Andrea Holgado, Dr. Tim Hubin, Dr. E.K. Jeong, Dr. Jason Johnson, Dr. William Kelly, Ms. Tee Kesnan, Dr. Howard Kurtz, Dr. Denise Landrum-Geyer, Dr. ChihChen Sophia Lee, Dr. David Martyn, Dr. Regina McGrane, Mr. Todd Parker, Dr. Siriporn Peters, Dr. Lisa Schroeder, Dr. Denis Trubitsyn, Dr. Kathy Wolff, and Ms. Kristin Woods.

For graduate and undergraduate students interested in participating in next year’s SWOSU Research and Scholarly Activity Fair, applications will be available during the fall 2016 semester. The public is welcome to attend and enjoy the celebration of undergraduate research.

Activity Fair Book

Student Andrea Fernandez
Student Ashley Pickens
Student Ashley Powers
Student Bryn Hull
Student Carla Salcido
Student Chris Reyes
Students Desi Pratush Reddy and Dhruv Patel
Student Emily Burgess
Emily Wright Western Technology Biomedical student
Student Haerim Jeong
Students Heather Kelly, Emma Leffler, Angelica Lajaunie, and Nicholas Lockyear
Student Jessica Huffman
Student John Woods
Students Jordan Lager and Victoria Stambaugh
Student Kendra Hess
Student Li Chi Chiu
Student Madison Duckwall
Student Margaret Musser
Student Michael Tucker with Dr. Jeremy Evert
Students Nhu Tran and Quynh Nguyen
Student Rebecca Gaglia
Student Samson Asongwe
Student Sinthia Youmbi
Students Taiwo Oladipopo and Oluwaseyi Oluwabamise
Student Ty Normand
Student Tyler Henry
Student Tyler Mitchum
Student Yi-ru Zheng with Dr. Kelley Logan
Student Brandon Wrobbel
Student Jiyoung Kim
Student Pei-Yu Kao
SWOSU Students Klemson Lancaster and Emeche Wells
Student Stephanie Bates