Statement Addressing Fire Safety Education and Training Programs Provided to Students and Employees

Fire safety education programs for all students living in on-campus student housing and all employees that have any association with on-campus student housing are held at the beginning of each semester. These programs are designed to: familiarize everyone with the fire safety system in each housing facility, train everyone on the procedures to be followed in case there is a fire and distribute information on the college’s fire safety policies. Everyone is also provided with maps of each on-campus student housing facility that illustrate evacuation routes and fire alarm equipment locations. During these programs, trainers emphasize that participating in fire drills is mandatory. Students with disabilities are given the option to have a “buddy” assigned to them.

Fire safety education and training programs are taught by local fire authorities as well as the director of Student Housing who is experienced in fire safety matters.

If a fire occurs, students are instructed to leave hazardous areas per the evacuation routes and get to a predetermined location before calling 911 for help. They are to remain in that location so that the director of Student Housing or someone from the Student Housing office has documented that the student has left the building. RAs are instructed to pull the fire alarm as they are leaving the building if they can do so without risking their safety.

The information provided during the fire safety programs is also available online at any time.