Annual Fire Safety Report

1. Fire Statistics

  • Neff Hall - 0
  • Stewart Hall - 0
  • Rogers Hall - 0
  • Jefferson Hall - 0
  • Oklahoma Hall - 0
  • Mary Mabry Savage Apartments - 0

A fire log, in paper form is kept in the Housing Directors Office.

2. Fire Safety System

All housing dormitories are equipped with fire detection system

3. Fire Drills

All housing dormitories complete a fire drill each Fall and Spring semesters

4. SWOSU Policy/Rules for Portable Electric Appliances, Smoking, and Open Flames in Dorms

No open flames are allowed, no heating elements allowed in rooms, all housing dormitories are Smoke/Tobacco Free.

5. Procedures for Dorm Evacuation

All Residents in housing dormitories are required to vacate building in less than three minutes when a fire alarm sounds.

6. Policies for Fire Safety Education and Training Programs for Students/Faculty/Staff

All housing dormitory staff are trained in fire evacuation and fire extinguisher use, residents are educated on the proper fire evacuation procedure during first week of occupancy.

7. A list of Titles/Persons to which individuals should report when a fire has occurred

OfficePhone #
President (580) 774-3766
Executive Vice President (580) 774-3000
Vice President for Academic Affairs (580) 774-3264
Vice President for Student Affairs (580) 774-7172
Law Enforcement/Full Time and Reserve (580) 774-3111
Dean/Chairs of Departments (580) 774-6611
Human Resource Department (580) 774-3275
Dean of Students (580) 774-3767
Counseling/Nursing Services (580) 774-3776
Athletic Director/Coaches (580) 774-3701
Director of Housing/Housing Coordinators
(580) 774-3024
SGA President (580) 774-0615
President/Leaders to Student Organizations (580) 774-3767

8. Plans for Future Improvements in Fire Safety if any

There are no plans at this time.