Policy Statement on Portable Electric Appliances, Smoking and Open Flames in a Student Housing Facility

Fire Safety

Fire drills are held periodically and residents must follow the emergency procedures and evacuation plans as posted around the facilities. According to State and Federal law, residents must participate and evacuate in the event of a fire drill. Failure to evacuate residential facilities during a fire drill or once a fire alarm has sounded may result in disciplinary action and a fine. Residents are required to practice safe exit procedures during all fire drills and fire emergencies and must clear the building within three minutes. no open flames are allowed, no heating elements allowed in rooms, all dormitories are smoke/tobacco free

Storm Shelters

Storm shelters are provided for each facility in the event of severe weather. When necessary to take cover, residents should make their way to the following areas once City sirens sound:

  • Jefferson Hall – basement
  • Neff Hall – basement
  • Oklahoma Hall – Music hallway/TV area
  • Rogers Hall – basement
  • Stewart Hall – basement
  • Mary Mabry Savage Apartments – Neff basement

Security Guidelines

SWOSU does not assume any liability or responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage to any student’s personal property while in our residential facilities. The following is suggested:

  • Register your valuables with the SWOSU Campus Police
  • Keep your door, window, and balcony doors locked at all times
  • Carry insurance on all valuables. Insurance information is available in the Residence Life office
  • Mark all personal property with your name. This includes your books
  • Report lost keys and broken locks to the Residence Life office immediately
  • Immediately report persons who behave in a suspicious manner to Residence Life staff
  • Thefts, assaults, and health emergencies must be reported to the SWOSU Campus Police as well as the Residence Life staff

Health and Safety Inspection

A scheduled preventative safety inspection for each resident’s room will take place at least once during the semester. The emphasis of these inspections is the verification that students are not actively contributing to any condition that would put their health or safety at risk. Residents will, to the extent practicable under the circumstances, be given advance notice that Health and Safety Inspections will be conducted during the semester. During these inspections, Residence Life staff will enter rooms and look for items or conditions that might possibly pose a health or safety hazard to students or to student housing. Areas to be addressed are:

  • Water Leaks/Mold/Mildew
  • Sanitary Conditions/Cleanliness Standards
  • Alcohol/Illegal Weapons/Drugs
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Guest/Pet/Lease Violations
  • Candles/Open Flames/Overloaded Electrical Outlets