List of the Titles of Each Person or Organization to Whom Students, Employees Should Report That a Fire Occurred

Per federal law, SWOSU is required to annually disclose statistical data on all fires that occur in on-campus student housing facilities. Listed below are the non-emergency numbers to call to report fires that have already been extinguished in on-campus student housing. These are fires for which you are unsure whether the SWOSU Campus Police. may already be aware. If you find evidence of such a fire or if you hear about such a fire, please contact one of the following:

TitlePhone #
President (580.) 774-3766
Executive Vice President (580.) 774-3000
Vice President for Academic Affairs (580.) 774-3264
Vice President for Student Affairs (580.) 774-7172
Law Enforcement/Full Time and Reserve (580.) 774-3111
Dean/Chairs of Departments (580.) 774-6611
Human Resource Department (580.) 774-3275
Dean of Students (580.) 774-3767
Counseling/Nursing Services (580.) 774-3776
Athletic Director/Coaches (580.) 774-3701
Director of Housing/Housing Coordinators (580.) 774-3024
SGA President (580.) 774-0615
President/Leaders to Student Organizations (580.) 774-3767

When calling, please provide as much information as possible about the location, date, time and cause of the fire.