SWOSU Tornado Drill



“WATCH” Conditions are favorable for tornado or severe weather. “WARNING” Tornado may be imminent. Take shelter.


On SWOSU campus, the severe weather warning will be made via the sirens from the City of Weatherford. Tornado watch and warnings will also be monitored by a radio at the SWOSU Campus Police Department. 

Steps of Action:

In the event the sirens sound you should:

  1. If you are in unsafe location at that time, go to designated storm shelter for that building at the direction of the faculty/staff.
  2. Go to the lowest level, on the inside wall and assume a kneeling position, head down, with hands covering head.
  3. Faculty/staff needs to close classroom doors.
  4. Faculty should keep their class rosters with them and remain with their classes to be sure students are following the Tornado Evacuation procedure and to verify student count.
  5. Wait for all clear signals before returning to classroom.
  6. Avoid all large clear-span buildings (gym, cafeteria, etc.) during a tornado.
  7. In an outside office, window blinds are to be closed.
  8. A radio should be located within hearing distance of office personnel if at all possible.

Designated Storm Shelter Areas for Each Building

These areas are the Safest in each Building in case of a Tornado.

Printable Shelter Listing (PDF) 

  • Administration: east and west basement hallways
  • Art Building: lowest level away from windows
  • Assessment Center: basement
  • Athletic Director: interior hallway
  • Bookstore/Market: first floor then to storm shelter
  • Bulldog Apartments (Mary Savage): neff hall residence life office area
  • Burton House: basement  
  • Campbell: 1st floor interior hallway and offices on west side hallway
  • CEBD: exit to Campbell building 1st floor, central hallway, away from windows and doors
  • Chem/Pharm/Physics: south basement hallway/1st floor physics hallway, classrooms, offices
  • Conference Center: interior hallway
  • Education Building: central basement hallway and first floor hallway
  • Engineering Technology: basement labs and classrooms rock building
  • Fine Arts: lobby stairwells/lobby instrument storage/entrance ramps to auditorium
  • Fitness Center: Neff Hall basement
  • Green House: Rogers and Jefferson storm shelter
  • Hilltop Theater: dressing room and dressing room hallways
  • Library: basement auditorium, hallway and classrooms
  • Music Building: main hallway
  • Neff Hall: Neff Hall residence life hallway/boiler room hallway
  • Nursing: basement
  • Oklahoma Hall (music annex): music hallway/lobby t.v. area
  • Parker Hall:  basement
  • Pharmacy II: basement hallway and classrooms
  • Physical Plant: file storage area northwest room
  • Pioneer Cellular Event Center: basement hallways (west and north sides)
  • Print Shop: interior hallway
  • Rankin Williams Field House: north classroom and hallway
  • Rogers and Jefferson Hall: first floor then to storm shelter
  • Science Building: first floor hallway
  • Stafford: follow signs to basement shelter
  • Stewart Hall: main hallway central basement
  • Student Development: basement area
  • Student Center: central basement hallway and storage area/commuter lounge hallway
  • Theatre Scene Shop: lowest level away from windows
  • Upward Bound: central hallway
  • Wellness Center: men’s or women’s locker room, interior hallway of student health services office area, or the first floor enclosed stairwells

Each building has designated people who see that the storm shelter area for that building is unlocked and accessible for students and faculty in the building. There are two shelters on campus that the general public may use, the Science Building and Library Auditorium west entrance. All other shelters on campus are for student faculty and staff only. All students should be reminded that lowest level away from windows and doors is standard Tornado Precautions in all SWOSU Buildings. NO ANIMALS ALLOWED IN ANY SHELTER. Any questions should be directed to SWOSU Campus Police Ext. #3111 or 580–774–3111.