Strategic Planning

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Strategic Goals and Goal Teams

GOAL 1: By 2010 Southwestern Oklahoma State University's student retention and graduation rates will exceed those of all regional universities in Oklahoma.

Goal 1 Team Members
Michael Deimling, Chair Judy Haught
Ken Rose Ann Russell
Elizabeth Ferrell Donna Barlow
Jill Jones Michael Dougherty
Kim Liebscher Warren Moseley
Steven O'Neal Vicki Montgomery
Perry Adams Cynthia Dougherty

GOAL 2: By 2010 the level of student satisfaction with campus life will have increased.

Goal 2 Team Members
James South - Chair Jeff Short
David Bergman Brian Adler
Dan Brown Benny French
Susan Al-Jarrah Eithel Simpson
Les Crall Kathy Wolff
Patsy Wootton Peter Grant
Hung Le Barbara Hayes
Cynthia Dougherty Cindi Groth

GOAL 3: By 2010 Southwestern Oklahoma State University students will be better prepared to live in an increasingly global, diverse, and technological society.

Goal 3 Team Members
Radwan Al-Jarrah - Chair Melinda Burgess
Scott Froneberger Phil Holley
Marci Grant Les Price
Terri Goforth Daphne Burnett
Vicki Hatton John Woods
Quinton RomanNose Chad Kinder
Kevin Collins Harpal Dhillon

GOAL 4: By 2010, all academic departments will be participating in strategic alliances and cooperative agreements.

Goal 4 Team Members
Viki Craig - Chair Bill Kelly
Jim James Tami Loy
Gary Wolgamott Larry McKee
Gary Bell Don Gilstrap
Anita Blankenship Gerard East
Ken Tillet Nina Morris
Bill Swartwood Richard Subia