Strategic Planning

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Scenario II

SWOSU with many nationally accredited programs is a preeminent force in higher education. SWOSU attracts high-caliber and diversified students, faculty, and staff to enhance the socioeconomic future of Oklahoma.


  • Continues to attract students by marketing its quality academic programs, student life, and geographical advantages
  • Strengthens leadership opportunities available to the university community as well as expands external leadership and service
  • Incorporates a systematic plan for faculty and staff development
  • Provides students with an opportunity for service and experiential learning and assists in placing students in rewarding careers
  • Increases and enriches strategic alliances and collaborative agreements with businesses, agencies, organizations, and other institutions of higher education
  • Improves qualitative recruitment and retention by enhancing student life and expanding academic offerings
  • Promotes school pride to increase student relationships with the university during their coursework and after graduation
  • Provides flexible learning opportunities to reach a diverse population

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